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Luca Parmitano

Walking on Sunshine

Luca Parmitano will become the first Italian astronaut to walk in space when he goes up to the International Space Station in May, the Italian Space Agency (ASI) said Friday. "Parmitano will make at least two space-walks," ASI said.

Parmitano, a captain in the Italian air force, has been training in Russia and is to copilot a Soyuz TMA spacecraft and spend six months working on the Space Station beginning in May. His mission will involve numerous scientific experiments and will also feature good Italian food.

Italian chefs have prepared and carefully dehydrated everything from lasagna to tiramisu', eggplant parmigiana, pesto risotto and mushroom risotto which Parmitano will share with others on board the ISS. Sealed in aluminium bags, the Italian food will reach the space station before Parmitano.