The Italian Almanac


Everyone Loves Salami

Italian cured meat exports have surged 7.2% to a record 1.12 billion euros in 2012 despite the economic difficulties faced by many of the trading partners of the eurozone's third-largest economy, according to data released by Italian meats and salami association Assica.

The positive foreign sales data ''has been determined by a real boom in exports to nations beyond the European Union boundaries'', like the US, Japan, Canada and Russia, said the association. Sales to non-EU nations last year in fact jumped 12.7% in terms of volume and 16.5% in terms of value.

Assica said exports will also be able to benefit from the upcoming authorization on May 28 permitting US sales of certain categories of less-seasoned cured meats including those of so-called pancette (bacon) and traditional Parma culatelli products.