The Italian Almanac

MUOS station


The Italian cabinet and Sicily's regional government said an independent study would be carried out on the impact on health and the environment of a new high-frequency U.S. military satellite station in the Sicilian town of Niscemi. The central and local governments, the premier's office said in a statement, agreed "to respond to the concern of local populations on the impact on the environment and health following work to modernize and empower the installations".

An independent research centre will be tasked with performing the study and the installation of satellite antennae will be blocked until the results of the research are known. The Superior Institute of Health or another agency with the World Health Organization will look into the impact of electromagnetic waves from the station, the premier's office said. The government also announced it would set up a system to constantly monitor the site.

The planned station is part of the Mobile User Objective System (MUOS), a high-frequency military communications network and has raised widespread protests in the island.