The Italian Almanac

Gianni Morandi

A Disgusted Singer

Much-loved Italian singer Gianni Morandi suggested that he wanted to step down as honorary chairman of Serie A side Bologna over anti-Neapolitan slurs by fans. Bologna fans held up a banner that read "it will be a pleasure when Vesuvuis does its job", a reference to the volcano near the southern Italian city, before Sunday's 2-2 draw at home against Napoli.

Morandi was also angered that some Bologna fans jeered the lyrics of the late Lucia Dalla's masterpiece Caruso to turn when it was played. "Yesterday intolerable banners were displayed offending the city of Naples and the team, while a part of the Bologna fans whistled during the notes of Caruso with Lucio's voice in the air," said Morandi on his Facebook page.

"I didn't think soccer support could fall so low... Even if it's a symbolic and perhaps useless role, I don't like being honorary chairman any more," added Morandi, a 1960s pop sensation who is still extremely popular in Italy today.