The Italian Almanac


Job Burglaring

A housing manager outside Florence offered a job to a burglar and his wife after the husband tried to steal copper wiring from the complex. Paolo Pedrotti made his offer in an interview for the local Il Tirreno daily a day after a 54-year-old man was caught red-handed and apprehended by police.

The culprit is being tried for stripping 20 kilos of copper wiring - worth a total of 50 euros - and causing over 6,000 euros in damage The property manager is offering him and his wife a job cutting the grass and cleaning apartments.

"He came to carry out the robbery using his wife's car. What kind of criminal can he possibly be?" the manager told the Tuscan daily. "If anything it's another sad story born out of the crisis and desperation." Pedrotti went on to recall a string of suicides across Italy since the beginning of Italy's economic woes. "I realized that (the thief) is among the latest victims, who spent the whole night ripping up wires to bring home 50 euros in loot".