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Laura Maggi

The Sexy Bartender

Well-known for her sexy attire, a 34-year-old bar owner in the town of Bagnolo Mella near Milan could face early closings imposed by town authorities due to disorder caused by clients arriving en masse nightly. Male clients from up to 100 kilometers away frequent the bar "to have drinks and to see me," said the bar owner Laura Maggi.

Main attraction: On the walls of Le Cafe there are pictures of Laura, dressed in a bikini on holiday - while in other snaps she is wrapped in an American Stars and Stripes flag. Yet more pictures of her, semi-naked, have been turned into a calendar

Police report frequent complaints of poorly parked vehicles and vandalism in front of the establishment. "It is not the bar owner's fault. The men are the ones with the weakness," said Bagnolo Mella mayor Cristina Almici. ‘We can’t stop people from going to her bar and I know it is very popular with men in the town – personally I don’t see any problem with how she looks or dresses." She added, however: "My husband is certainly not allowed to go there."

Opening hours, presently until 8.30 pm weekdays and 1 am Fridays, risk being reduced. "I never expected anything like this," Maggi said, whose Facebook page has 13,000 followers and features photos of her topless on a beach, dressed as sexy Santa and wearing only a bra behind her bar.