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Yesterday's Future

A collection of cards about the future, from an album probably published in the late '50s or early '60s. Courtesy of Claudio Angeleri.

World of the Future

three stages rocket

The three stages rocket from German designer Von Braun. Every part of this rocket has an independent engine. This rocket is supposed to be used to build a big wheel shaped artificial satellite in space.

Jupiter's surface - the rare image of the surface of a gas giant planet that has no surface at all! Please note the ball shaped starship on the right side of the picture. :)

According to some scientist this is the view that Jupiter's surface will offer to space explorers. Jupiter is the biggest known planet, 778 million kilometers from the sun.

Mars' cactus with big yellow flowers :D

News from planet Mars. The ground makes us believe that the main form of its vegetable life is a plant similar to cactus, but much bigger.

furry Plutonian

The only life form that could survive on planet Pluto, the farthest from the sun at a distance of 5920 million kilometers, should be used and adaptable to the lowest temperature.

Pluto's surface

To future space pilots Pluto will appear with a desolate look, covered with ice like our extreme Arctic regions. Ice covers all its surface.


Mercury, the nearest planet to the sun at a distance of only 58 million kilometers. Scientists don't believe that any animal or vegetable form of life can be found there.

Mercury surface

Mercury will offer to the eyes of space explorers this look, charming and hell-like at the same time: a surface of white hot lava, crossed by rivers of fire.


Venus is about 108 million km. far from the sun. It is surrounded by a very murky atmosphere that makes impossible any observation of the planetary surface.

aliens on Uranus

According to some scientists of the 17th century, it is possible that beings with three eyes and a very hairy body are living on the surface of planet Uranus.

aliens on Uranus

The imaginative minds of some North American scholars believe it is possible that in the unwelcoming loneliness of planet Uranus creatures like the one shown in this picture are actually living.

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