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Creepy Museum

Following months of mysterious activity and a spooky photo taken at the Naples National Archaeological Museum, experts have been called to examine what some believe to be the presence of ghosts. "We expect our visitors in flesh and blood," said Valeria Sampaolo, director of the museum, who called the ghost hypothesis "devoid of truth" and "pure fantasy".

Oreste Albarano, the government architect overseeing museum repairs, took a photo inside the facility capturing the blurry outline of what resembles a young girl in the background, yet no one claims to have knowledge of anyone fitting that description being nearby as the photo was taken. While Albarano says he does not believe in ghosts, not everyone is convinced as workers in the building had reported multiple instances of tools disappearing and equipment being inexplicably misplaced.

The experts called to examine the strange goings-on will arrive in September. They were identified only as university professors in local reports. Paranormalists, telepathists or mediums are not said to have been specially invited to analyse the museum premises.

The Naples National Archaeological Museum is among the most important in the world in its field, containing a large collection of Greek, Roman and Renaissance pieces, including artifacts from Pompeii and Herculaneum.