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For What is Worth ...

Rome's Colosseum as a 'brand' is worth 91 billion euros, according to a study carried out by the Monza Chamber of Commerce. The study calculated brand value of historic monuments using ten parameters including their recognizability, the number of tourists they attract and revenue they generate.

Italy's cultural and artistic assets are a major factor in the nation's economy and their total brand value was calculated at some 400 billion euros, the study said. Rome has the most valuable brands which, after the Colosseum, include the Vatican Museums, worth 90 billion euros, and the Trevi Fountain, 78 billion. At 82 billion euros, the value of the Duomo in Milan was greater than those of Pompeii, St Mark's Cathedral in Venice and the Uffizi Gallery in Florence.

The value of these monuments are also evident by the number of enterprises which adopt their names into their own to attract business. The study found that some 50 enterprises in Milan use Duomo in their name and an equal number in Rome use Colosseum to identify themselves.