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Sex on Top TV Programs

Italy may soon become the first country to adopt a 'guide' to send positive messages about sex on top TV programs. The idea has been fielded by the Italian Gynecology and Obstetrics Association (SIGO) which is concerned that young people today are not developing a positive, healthy and informed approach to sex and are thus engaging in irresponsible behavior.

SIGO is convinced that popular soap operas and reality shows like Big Brother can discuss sex in an educational way. "If sex is dealt with in a superficial or inappropriate way this can contribute to misinforming young people. And today there is a lot of that around," explained SIGO Chairman Giorgio Vittori.

"Proof of this is the fact that 37% of young people today do not take any precaution the first time they have sex and only 20% of young people consult their doctor on their reproductive health or about family planning," Vittori said. "While there have been attempts to insert messages on sex education on some cult programs, even seen in Italy, no one has tackled the issue of sexual health," he added.

According to the SIGO proposal, the 'guide' would suggest inserting into TV programs messages regarding the need to respect one's partner, to protect oneself from undesired pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases and the importance of having regular medical examinations.