The Italian Almanac


SticCon 2010

Hundreds of Italian fans of the cult American TV series Star Trek and its various spinoffs will hold their annual convention in Bellaria Igea Marina, a seaside town near Rimini. This will be the 24th edition of the Star Trek Italian Club Convention and this year's special guest will be New York actress Suzie Plakson, who played a number of roles in Star Trek spinoffs. Also on hand will be Richard Arnald, a research consultant for Star Trek: The Next Generation; Deep Space Nine; and Voyager, who was an assistant to the series' late creator, Gene Roddenberry. Italian guests include astronaut Umberto Guidoni and David Messina, a comic book artist and author.

During the four-day convention participants will be able to attend seminars on space exploration and UFOs, play theme board games and engage in role playing reenactments. There will also be screenings of documentaries about the various Star Trek series and related videos. On sale during the meeting will be original and authorised reproductions of gadgets related to the shows as well as a huge variety of theme T-shirts and posters.