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Best Lovers

Italians make the ideal lover, according to a new poll which placed Germans at the very bottom. The poll quizzed 10,000 women of 50 different nationalities and was taken for the (where are you now) website which specialises in bringing people together who travel often. After Italians, the poll found the best lovers to be, respectively, the French, the Irish, South Africans, Australians, the Spanish, Danes, New Zealanders, Brazilians and Canadians.

The British were next, penalised for ''not being very in good shape'', while the Turks were said to be ''sweaty,'' the Greeks ''smelly'' and the Russians ''hairy''. The Germans came in last because of their tendency to be ''too self-centered,'' while the ''hasty'' Swedes were just a notch above, the Dutch were ''too rough'', the Americans ''too dominating'' and the Scots ''too noisy''.