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Italian News - March 1

The makers of Brunello di Montalcino, considered by many to be Italy's best wine, have turned to high technology to protect the authenticity of their product with a special hologram impressed in the wine cap. The hologram system is the same used by the European Central Bank to thwart the counterfeiting of euro notes.

The caps are being produced by the Luxoro agency which has the exclusive rights in Italy to use the holograph system developed by the Kurz group. The German company currently offers its holograph technology to some 150 banks worldwide, including the ECB, and it is also used also to guarantee certificates for such prestigious brand names as Rolex and Ferrari.

The hologram on the wine cap has a mirror-like background on which letters and a special logo are printed in a combination of different colors is are near impossible to match. The caps are then heat-shrunk over the cork.