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golf player robot?

Italian News - June 1

Robots from all over the world have come to Italy for the world's first robot golf challenge. It is the first time Italy has hosted the annual World Robot Championships, which pose fresh technological challenges each year.

"The rules change every year so we have to keep building new robots able to handle the performances required of them," said organiser Giovanni Muscato of the host university in Catania. Five Italian pairs are competing against 60 two-robot teams from 28 countries.

The four-ball pairings, as they are called in golf, score points for putting blue and red balls into holes of the same color. If they hit a ball into the wrong hole they are penalized. The challenge is even harder because there are also black balls in play, which must be avoided at all costs.

"It might seem no use to have a robot able to recognise and hit a ball but many of the technologies that make these robots work can be applied to practical uses," Muscato said.