The Italian Almanac

Catherine Deneuve

Italian News - June 15

French actress Catherine Deneuve has been tapped to chair the jury at this year's Venice film festival. An icon of French cinema, Deneuve won international recognition here at the festival when she appeared in Luis Bunuel's 1967 masterpiece Belle de Jour, which that year received the Golden Lion prize. The 63th edition of the international festival will begin August 30 and close September 9 with the awarding of the Golden Lion prize for best film.

"We are proud to be able to have someone like Catherine Deneuve to head the Venice jury. With her magic, charisma and status in international cinema she will know how to impose the calm and balance which is needed in a jury," festival organizer Marco Muller said when announcing her appointment. Aside from her impressive film work, Italians are also fond of Deneuve for her four-year relationship with the legendary Marcello Mastroianni, with whom she had a daughter, actress Chiara Mastroianni.

Among the special events at this year's festival will be the celebration of the 100th birthday of three masters of Italian cinema: Roberto Rossellini, Mario Soldati and Luchino Visconti.