The Italian Almanac

Silvio Berlusconi

Italian News - July 25

Former Italian premier Silvio Berlusconi dressed up as an exotic dancer last week to spring his wife a romantic birthday surprise. Berlusconi treated former actress Veronica Lario to a trip to Marrakech for her birthday but told her he had to stay in Italy to work. Instead he went out on a separate flight, disguised himself as a traditional Moroccan Gnawa dancer and took his sweetheart unawares at a famous restaurant in the city.

With a little warrior leap, he bounced in front of her and invited her to dance, but she resolutely refused and the music suddenly stopped. At that point he got even closer to Veronica, took a diamond necklace out of his pocket and sang 'Happy birthday my love' to her in Italian".

The surprise was the climax of a fun-packed two-day stay Berlusconi organized for his wife in the Moroccan city.