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La bestia nel cuore

Italian Movies - February 1

The Italian film La Bestia nel Cuore (Don't Tell) has been nominated to compete in the best foreign film category for the upcoming Oscar awards. The film is directed by Cristina Comencini and is an adaptation of her own novel about a seemingly happy woman who is tormented by strange, previously forgotten memories when she becomes pregnant.

"I really didn't expect it... even if deep down inside I had this irrational gut feeling we'd make it," Comencini said after hearing the news. "We went to America with so little promotion, so you can say it was the film which did it all," she added. The lead is played by Giovanna Mezzogiorno, one of the upcoming stars of Italian cinema, who won the best actress award at last year's Venice Film Festival for her performance in Comencini's film.

Mezzogiorno said when she received the news of the film's nomination from her press agent she screamed with joy. "If course I screamed! What else could I do? I can't believe how lucky I am to be part of all this," she told the press in Rome.

Cristina Comencini, 49, is the daughter of director Luigi Comencini, who rose to fame making popular Italian post-war comedies. She has completed nine films of her own and a tenth is reported to be in preparation.