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Italian News - February 3

The search for George Clooney lookalikes has moved from America to Lake Como. The craze started when the recent Academy Award nominee bought three villas on the shores of the lake. Now lookalike fever has crossed the Atlanticas American journalists seek out George Clooney’s doubles.

In the past few days, America’s newsstands have sold more than one million copies of the celebrity news magazine In Touch Weekly, which included a feature on the actor-director’s lookalikes. The title of “George’s hometown clone” went to Maurizio Gerosa, at 43 one year younger than Clooney himself. Signor Gerosa owns the Bar delle Terme at Como and recently made his internet debut with a web site whose name says it all:

The Lake Como Clooney’s fame has crossed the Atlantic, thanks to an interview published by In Touch Weekly. At the Screen Actors Guild awards ceremony, held at the Shrine Theatre in Los Angeles, the American broadcaster E! Entertainment showed the article with Maurizio’s photograph to the real George Clooney. The actor burst out laughing when he saw his double and immediately offered to prove he was the original.