The Italian Almanac

Russel Crowe

Italian News - September 8

The last time Russell Crowe was overseas promoting his film Cinderella Man, he was arrested in New York after an argument over a phone call he could not connect to his wife at home in Australia. This time the Oscar winner went with the safe option and took Danielle Spencer with him. The couple, appearing very much in love, were in Italy to promote the boxing flick at the Venice Film Festival.

Crowe and Ms Spencer looked as though they would have preferred to be in a glamorous Venice hotel after their amorous display on the red carpet for the film's festival screening. The couple were accompanied by Crowe's Cinderella Man co-star Renee Zellweger and the movie's director, Ron Howard.

According to Crowe, it was his devotion to his wife and son that began the sequence of events leading to his arrest in June after he allegedly threw a phone at New York hotel concierge Nestor Estrada. At the press conference on Cinderella Man in Venice this week, the subject of Crowe's arrest was banned. Reporters were told their microphone would be cut off if the actor's off-screen exploits were brought up.