The Italian Almanac

eating woman

Italian News - October 27

A woman who makes a habit of refusing to pay for lavish meals has been banned from Rome.

The 40-year-old from Viterbo got her marching orders when she flatly turned down pleas for cash after a 360-euro fish lunch in one of Rome's most chic restaurants. Staff called the police as the woman sat back to digest a heap of shrimps, cuttlefish and glazed gilthead in a swish eatery on the capital's famed Via Veneto. She was just finishing off a bottle of vintage Dom Perignon when a policeman asked for her ID papers and phoned in her name.

She quickly turned up in files as a repeat offender who had left a trail of unpaid bills across Rome and the surrounding Lazio region, enraging restaurant owners. In a bid to justify her actions, the woman stressed that she never preyed on less expensive restaurants or trattorias. But the argument didn't go down too well.

She promptly received a 'foglio di via' - an order to get out of Rome, and stay out.