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who wants a sexy wife?

Italian News - November 19

An Italian woman whose jealous husband was wrongly convinced she'd starred in a video has wound up in a pickle after claiming she'd been abducted and raped for the shoot. The 20-year-old housewife vainly tried to convince her husband she was not the masked woman cavorting with three men in an amateur video he'd rented.

He badgered her until she gave in, but claimed she'd been kidnapped and gang-raped. To support her story and get her hubby to shut up, the woman went to the police with her allegations. But they soon detected discrepancies. For one thing, there were marked physical dissimilarities between the wife and the performer. For another, she said she was raped in an abandoned farm-house, but the orgy took place in a field.

In the end the woman confessed she had made the story up so that police could unmask the truth and get her husband to shut up. But police were compelled to charge her with defamation because she had claimed an acquaintance was the gang leader.