The Italian Almanac

Michelle Hunziker

Italian Gossip - November 9

Italian pop sensation Eros Ramazzotti and his TV star ex-wife Michelle Hunziker have punctured hopes that their fairy-tale romance is back on. Television images of the couple at Disneyland Paris with their daughter at the weekend sparked off a wave of speculation that a reconciliation might be on the cards. But on Monday the pair, two of Italy's most attractive and popular celebrities, denied they were getting back together.

Relations between Ramazzotti and the Swiss model-turned-television presenter have provided Italian gossip columnists with heaps of material in recent months. Coverage of Hunziker's subsequent love affairs in celebrity news magazines and her alleged involvement with mystic groups reportedly caused friction between the former spouses. Indeed, Ramazzotti recently obtained a court injunction forbidding Hunziker from letting their daughter Aurora spend time with her most recent flame, her manager Salvatore Passaro.

Hunziker has since split up with Passaro and relations with Ramazzotti have improved as a result. But apparently they have not improved as much as some fans had hoped. Hunziker's lawyer Laura Hoesch told reporters in Milan that the couple have re-established friendly relations for the good of Aurora, but said there is no prospect of them living together again. Ramazzotti's lawyer issued a statement to the same effect.