The Italian Almanac

Angelozzi and the Riva family

Italian News - November 12

Giorgio Angelozzi is dead. In summer 2004, the former schoolteacher from Rome brought a tear to the nation’s eye when he put a small ad in the newspaper, explaining that he was alone in the world and looking for a family. Mr Angelozzi was “adopted” by a family from Spirano, in the province of Bergamo, but later turned out to be a swindler. In just a few months, he accumulated a series of unpaid debts, used stolen cheques and attempted to pull a number of other scams.

The 80-year-old was hospitalized in Vicenza a month and a half ago after he lapsed into a coma induced by diabetes, for which he had long stopped taking medication. No relatives have contacted the hospital yet. “Despite what he did”, say the Riva family, who took him in, “he was still someone who lived in our home for a year and a half. We visited him in Vicenza several times, and now we are arranging for him to have a decent burial”.