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job interview

Italian News - May 18

A 26-year-old slogging her way through an aptitude interview with a psychologist had an uncanny feeling that her interviewer knew too much about her to be a total stranger. Maria, the job seeker, became suspicious and turned the tables asking how the woman had such detailed information about her.

In a true TV moment, psychologist Anna replied, "I know because I am your mother." The psychologist, whose full name was not mentioned in newspaper reports, had hidden her pregnancy, giving birth at a seaside resort at the age of 17. Anna spent three days in the hospital, then fled, returning home to her parents to finish high school.

The job interview ended in hugs and tears. Daughter Maria spent years trying to find her birth mother. Adoptive children have an especially tough time finding birth parents in Italy, where judges for juvenile courts conceal names on records to protect the birth parents.