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not a good idea

Italian News - May 5

Rugby chiefs have launched an investigation after a junior county tour of Italy ended in drunken disgrace.

Youngsters from the Sussex under-16 squad were taking part in a three-day international tournament along with several other British sides as well as French and Italian teams. But after losing all their games the team decided to drown their sorrows and embarked on a massive pub crawl that ended in police being called to bring the situation under control as tables and chairs were overturned.

The scenes took place in the sleepy northern Italian town of Rosolina, 40 miles south of Venice. The players began to drink the bar of their three star Hotel L’Olimpia dry before staff refused to serve them any more as they grew rowdier. They then moved into the town where they began drinking in several bars and overturning tables and chairs before owners called police who took several minutes to bring the situation under control.

Members of the team smashed lights at one bar and trampled a flowerbed and left wheelie bins and supermarket trollies overturned in surrounding roads. The side’s antics have been criticised by the local press who dubbed them “mini hooligans” who acted in “typical British style by downing beer and then going on a drunken rampage“.