The Italian Almanac

March 2005

Italian News - March 31

The rank of ambassador, currently granted to 
only 22 out of the country’s entire corps of 
1,011   diplomats,  is  no  longer  reserved 
exclusively for men.

Italian History - march 31

A study conducted from the University of Miami 
has revealed that gladiators fought in ancient 
Rome, more for the purpose of displaying their 
skills than for their lives.

Italian News - March 31

The  Algerian government Sonatrak company for 
energy  and  a  group of  partners agreed  to 
proceed forward in erecting a second line for 
gas linking Algeria to Italy.

Italian Sport - March 30

Renault driver Giancarlo Fisichella, winner 
of  the season-opening Australian  race, is 
prepared for  Ferrari to unveil its new car 
in Sunday's Bahrain Grand Prix.

Italian News - March 29

More  than 600  years after Pisa's most famous 
monument went up, officials here have approved 
construction of a modern office building  that 
will simulate a tilt with a trick of lighting.

Italian News - March 29

Members  of  five  Harley Owners Group 
chapters  from northern  Italy rode to 
a local church called the “Chrome Dome” 
for the annual Blessing of the Bikes.

Italian News - March 29

The trade fair will be inaugurated with two small 
shows this April, and gradually  more trade fairs 
will be moved from the crowded old grounds to the 
new site.

Italian News - March 25

Seven  years of  withholding sex  went too 
far in the eyes of an Italian court, which 
ordered a  Sicilian man to  pay alimony to 
his wife for refusing conjugal relations.

Italian News - March 25

Finmeccanica  SpA  of  Italy said  Thursday 
one  if  its  units had been  awarded a 1.5 
billion Euro contract to supply helicopters 
to the United Kingdom.

Italian News - March 25

A  manuscript in the  British Library  was 
looted from a cathedral near Naples during 
the Second World War and must be returned, 
an independent panel ruled yesterday.

Italian News - March 23

Vetroresina  L.L.C., a  subsidiary of 
Vetroresina  SPA  based  in  Ferrara, 
Italy, said it would build a facility 
in Greenville SC.

Italian News / Music - March 23

A star-studded  concert featuring  Italian 
artistes  like Andrea  Bocelli and Claudio 
Baglioni has raised €1 million for victims 
of the tsunami in Sri Lanka.

Italian Science - march 23

A small group of  physicists are battling what 
they see as the cosmological equivalent to the 
bogeyman: an enormous dark force,  that nobody 
has ever seen, driving galaxies apart.

Italian News - March 22

An unusual refuge has been set up 
in the  northern Italian city  of 
Bolzano to help men struggling in 
the aftermath of divorce.

Italian News - March 22

Italy’s  banks face a  pivotal week after  Spain’s 
Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria ( BBVA) and  Dutch 
group ABN Amro  threw down  the gauntlet over  the 
Bank of Italy’s restrictions on foreign takeovers.

Italian Art - March 22

Velázquez  first  trip  to I taly  took place 
between 1629  and 1631. Rubens  had suggested 
he meet Caravaggio, Titian and José de Ribera 
in his trip to Italian cities.

Italian News - March 20

The vast  majority of Italian  youths would  like 
to swap their fathers for someone richer and more 
successful, such as Italian Prime Minister Silvio 

Italian History - March 20

Florence was the cultural center of Europe, 
home  to the  Renaissance, and  responsible 
for the  cultural  development in  Florence 
was the Medici family.

Italian News - March 18

Italy has  repatriated some  180 illegal 
migrants following mass landings of boat 
people  on  the  tiny  Italian island of 

italian News - March - 18

The Russian government has approved an 
agreement  with Italy to  cooperate in 
disposing  of  decommissioned  nuclear 

Italian News - March 17

Hundreds of musicians, stage crew and other 
employees of La Scala opera house voted for 
the resignation  of music director Riccardo 

Italian Art - March 17

Canaletto, real  name  Giovanni Antonio 
Canale,  lived  from  1697 to 1768.  He 
became famous for painting views of the 
buildings and canals in Venice.

Italian Science - March 17

Russian and Italian  scientists have  developed 
an orbital version of the high-precision Pamela 
magnetic  spectrometer,   concluding  a  highly 
important stage in the RIM-Pamela project.

Italian News - March 15

The Vatican has appointed a top cardinal 
to  rebut  what  it says  are  the lies, 
distortions  and  errors  in Dan Brown’s 
bestselling thriller The Da Vinci Code.

Italian Music - March 15

For 46 years, Franco Trincale has 
been chronicling  Italian history 
through  song,  becoming  a local 
institution in the process.

Italian News - March 14

A project  called  Marco Polo, initiated 
by the association of rectors of Italian 
state  and private universities, aims to 
attract 2,000 Chinese students.

Italian Sport - March 14

Alberico Di Cecco beat Kenyans 
Philip Manyim  and Daniel Yego 
to  win the  Rome Marathon  on 

Italian News - March 12

Divers and  helicopters were searching 
the Tiber in Rome after a drunk United 
States student  jumped into  the river 

Italian News - March 12

An Italian metal worker was in prison last night 
facing charges of attempted murder  after trying 
to shoot his wife with a rifle he fashioned from 
an invalid's crutch.

Italian News - March 11

A  $5   million  project,  funded  by  the 
Italian  government,  will be  implemented
by participating country governments under
the umbrella of the Nile Basin Initiative.

Italian News - March 10

Italy's soothsayers and magicians are facing 
a future  condemned to  darkness, after  the 
national media watchdog  said it was banning 
them from daytime television.

Italian Art - March 10

Goodwill, in  cooperation  with the Italian 
Cultural Institute and "GAI-Giovani Artisti 
Italiani", brings the work of eight Italian 
artists to Los Angeles. 

Italian News - March 8

Italian  maritime and land  forces are 
pledging their  continuous support and 
presence in the Middle East as part of 
the global war against terrorism.

Italian News / Movies - March 8

"Stories  of  Men  and Women: Pupi Avati". 
This is the title of the New York showcase 
being organised  by Cinecittà Holding  and 
BAMCinématek from March 10 to 20. 

Italian Sport - March 8

Cipollini, 38 this month  and with 16 years 
as a professional, stole a shock victory in 
the "Giro di Lucca" (Tour of Lucca) race in 

Italian News - March 7

At Laglio, the peaceful town on the shores 
of Lake Como chosen by George Clooney as a 
hideaway, people  are beginning to turn up 
their noses.

Italian News - March 7

Rome's new  newspaper kiosks are an eye 
pleasing addition to the city's cobbled 
squares. There's only one problem: many 
news vendors hate them. 

Italian Science - March 7

Italian archeologists believe a pit 
containing circular imprints  which 
held  perfume  jars  is the  oldest 
source of the industry of today.

Italian News - March 5

The car taking Sgrena, Calipari and other agents 
to the  Baghdad airport was  fired upon  at a US 
checkpoint. Calipari was  killed as he threw his 
body across Sgrena.

Italian News - March 4

Italian soldiers  have begun arriving in 
western Afghanistan under plans for NATO 
troops to  gradually relieve U.S. forces 
across the country.

Italian News - March 4

Italians  voted in a  referendum  to 
scrap   nuclear  power,  but   their 
political leaders are now rethinking 
the policy.

Italian Sport March 4

Italian skiers continued their mastery 
of the American Birkebeiner completing 
a near-clean  sweep of both the  men's 
and women's events.

Italian News -March 2

Thousands  gathered in  Florence Tuesday to 
honour the memory of Mario Luzi, considered 
one of  the  greatest Italian poets  of the 
20th century.

Italian Science - March 2

A new  study has  found that  Italian 
soccer  players get the  Lou Gehrig's 
disease at a rate nearly six times as 
great as the general population.

Italian News - March 1

The Italian mobile operator TIM, one of the 
largest mobile phone companies in Italy has 
issued a unique warning  that the number of 
wiretaps has reached the limit.

Italian Movies - March 1

Italian  art  director Dante Ferretti 
wins  at the  77th  Oscars,  together 
with Francesca Lo Schiavo. It was his 
eighth Academy Award nomination.

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