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Pupi Avati

Italian News / Movies - March 8

"Stories of Men and Women: Pupi Avati". This is the title of the New York showcase being organised by Cinecittà Holding and BAMCinématek from March 10 to 20. The director of "A Heart Elsewhere" is interrupting shooting on his new film, "La seconda notte di nozze" (Second Wedding Night) to spend three days at the American event.

There'll be a meeting with the international press on March 11 held at the Italian Institute of Culture, including the presentation of a book by Antonio Maraldi, offering an overview on the director and his films, with interviews and listings. It is published in two languages by Holding, the organisation where Avati also held the position of president.

"The review shows the cinema made up of small stories that manage to become something much larger, capable of moving audiences around the world" explains Carlo Fuscagni, the president of Cinecittà Holding, who's going to America with Avati. "His characters could be defined as anti-heroes, they're symbols of a living humanity - continues Fuscagni - Pupi loves fathoming the human soul with great sensitivity and psychological acuteness, covering a wide range of genres, from horror to musicals to historic films".