The Italian Almanac

Letizia Moratti

Italian News - July 6

The Chinese threat has to be turned into a development opportunity for Italy’s business system.To make this happen, the first step is the education of managers who are capable of interpreting demand from the new market, and offering valid responses with research and innovation in production.That was the message of Letizia Moratti in Beijing, where she arrived to launch the first joint Chinese-Italian university venture.

At a time when debate is rife over the appropriateness of raising tariff barriers to defend manufacturing industry, Mrs Moratti announced the opening in 2006 of a joint campus offering four-year degree courses in engineering for 600 students, and 200 places on an MBA (Master in Business Administration) course.The initiative has received support from the Polytechnics of Milan and Turin, and the Bocconi and LUISS universities in Italy, as well as from the Tongji and Fudan universities in Shanghai, which is were the new project will be based.Courses and curriculums will combine periods in Italy and China.The project is backed by funding worth 12 million euros, four million from private sources (FIAT, Telecom, Finmeccanica and five banks).An intergovernmental agreement for the mutual recognition of qualifications will go into effect in conjunction with the initiative.