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Italian Movies - February 18

"Ora e Per Sempre" (Now and Forever) isn't just a film about the history and the legend of the great Turin football team, with Mazzola, Gambetto and Loik, which won 4 league titles in a row and then disappeared in May 1949 when the plane on which the players were travelling from Lisbon crashed into a hill at Superga

The film, produced and directed by Vincenzo Verdecchi, actually operates on two different planes, one showing post-war Italy and the other showing the country as it is now. The idea is to try to restore the value of memory and the strength of a myth that went beyond football fans and represented the hopes of a community just freed from a dictatorship and the tragedy of war.

The story of "Ora e Per Sempre" starts when Valentino/Gioele Dix, the successful manager of a publishing company, starts to try to fulfill his fathers last wish after the old man dies: to find the trumpet and the person who played it for the salute during the Great Turins football matches. The cast stars Gioele Dix, Kasia Smutniak, Dino Abbrescia, Luciano Scarpa, Enrico Ciotti, Felice Andreasi and Giorgio Albertazzi.

There'll be a premiere of "Ora e Per Sempre" in Turin on February 18 and then it will be released in other Italian cities from February 25, distributed by Orango Film.