The Italian Almanac

February 2005

Italian News - February 28

According to newly  publicized research, gold dug 
up by  Italian immigrants in  the 1849 California 
gold rush found its way to Giuseppe Garibaldi and 
his "Spedizione dei Mille".

Italian Sport - February 28

An Italian farmer has  set off in  pursuit 
of an  unprecedented third  victory in one 
of the world’s toughest foot races through 
icy ravines and frozen tundra in Alaska.

Italian Fashion - February 28

Italy's top  fashion houses are predicting an 
Arctic  freeze next  winter, given the amount 
of fur they sent down the catwalk during last 
week's ready-to-wear shows in Milan. 

Italian News - February 26

La Scala opera house  is in chaos, with 
strikes  threatening to bring  down the 
curtain amid backstage intrigues worthy 
of an Italian libretto.

Italian Movies - February 26

Melampo Cinematografica has reached an agreement 
with Focus Features for the foreign sales of "La 
Tigre e la Neve"  (The Tiger and the Snow),  the 
latest film by Roberto Benigni.

Italian News - February 24

The  plans  for a  new  exit  for the Uffizi 
Museum in  Florence were scrapped  yesterday 
because excavations in the area had revealed 
the foundations of medieval houses.

Italian News - February 24

The  organisers of Italy's most  popular song festival 
are hoping to  liven up this year's opening night with 
the presence of "Iron" Mike Tyson. He is, however, not 
expected to sing.

Italian News - February 23

In the roller coaster ride of  the Italian 
publishing industry, magazines targeted at 
women  have  been  having  a  particularly 
rough time.

Italian News - February 23

The  Italian  Ministry of  Culture  says it 
will match half the $6  million price being 
asked for the villa in which Giuseppe Verdi 
composed four of his operas.

Italian Fashion - February 23

Armani - the  brand -  celebrates 
its  30th  birthday  while Armani 
- the man - prepares to celebrate 
his 71st.

Italian News - February 21

The president of the European commission will 
find  waiting  on his  desk an  irate  letter 
protesting at the  downgrading of  Italian at 
commission press conferences.

Italian Sport - February 21

Flavia Pennetta  beat  unseeded  Lourdes 
Dominguez Lino of Spain to win the final 
of the WTA Copa Colsanitas in Bogota.

Italian News - February 20

The Italian Foreign Ministry has called in 
Sweden's  ambassador to  complain about an 
advertisement  on Swedish television  that 
criticised Silvio Berlusconi.

Italian Art - February 20

A  fingerprint  and  stylistic  touches 
uncovered   during   restoration  of  a 
masterpiece raises the possibility that 
it may have been painted by Leonardo.

Italian News - February 18

Worried about the lure of the devil, 
a Vatican-linked university launched 
its latest course yesterday: a class 
on satanism and exorcism. 

Italian Movies - February 18

"Ora e Per Sempre"  (Now and Forever)  isn't 
just a film about the history and the legend 
of  the  great  Turin  football  team, which 
disappeared in May 1949. 

Italian Sport - February 18

Pietro  Piller  Cottrer  and    Fulvio  Valbusa  
scored a big upset Thursday in the 15-kilometer 
freestyle, the  first  1-2 finish   for Italy's 
men at the Nordic world championships.

Italian News - February 15

Scholars of Christian  literature and theology 
at  a  conference  in  Turin  on "Laughter and 
Comedy in Ancient Christianity" insist the Old 
and New Testaments are riddled with humor.

Italian News - February 15

Where  previously archaeologists  had only 
found huts dating to the 8th century B.C., 
Andrea Carandini unearthed traces of regal 

Italian News - February 15

The  gondoliers have  been taking industrial 
action to force city authorities to regulate 
traffic better  on the Grand Canal, the main 
thoroughfare of the city's waterway system.

Italian News - February 14

Italians attempting, for whatever reason, 
to do an MSN search on the word "..." are 
being  referred  to  a  whiter-than-white 
Vatican website.

Italian News - February 14

A philanthropist has stepped forward to 
fund excavations at the ancient city of 
Herculaneum, where  scholars  believe a 
Roman library lies buried.

Italian News - February 14

Austria agreed yesterday  that the bodies of 
three Austrian soldiers found well-preserved 
at the foot of an Italian glacier last year, 
would remain in Italy.

Italian News - February 11

Turin is on schedule for the 2006 Olympics. 
A series of  test events at  Olympic venues 
in Turin and the surrounding Alps have gone 

Italian Movies - February 11

"Caterina  in the Big City"  by Paolo 
Virzi'  is  heading  for  the  United 
States. RAI Trade has sold the rights 
to Empire Pictures.

Italian News / Television - February 11

Over the  past  few days millions of 
Italians have  been watching  scenes 
of ethnic cleansing,  in  the  first  
film  about the "foibe" massacre.

Italian News - February 10

Italy's population  could shrink  by 
a  third  by 2050;  until now,  only 
an influx of immigrants has kept the 
numbers stable. 

Italian News - February 10

Frenzy over the number 53, which was drawn 
in Venice's lottery Wednesday evening, had 
driven  countless  Italians to spend large 
sums on the biweekly lotteries.

Italian News - February 9

Thousands of  young people will  pour onto 
the streets of Milan, Paris and Barcelona. 
They  won't be  protesting,  they will  be 
looking for love.

Italian News - February 9

The  2006  Winter  Games, scheduled  to 
begin  a  year  from  Thursday, will be 
remembered  as  the "Piazza  Olympics," 
celebrating of the Italian way of life.

Italian News - February 9

Ambassador to Namibia Arnaldo Abeti yesterday 
officially  handed over a grant of US$170,000 
from  the  government of Italy  to the United 
Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF).

Italian News - February 8

Researchers attending a  recent meeting in 
Milan said drinking a few cups of coffee a 
day can even reduce the occurrence of some 
kinds of tumors.

Italian News - February 8

Alenia  Aeronautica  of  Rome will  decide by 
June  whether to build  a new Army  cargo jet 
at a site near Charleston’s airport, assuming 
the company wins the military contract.

Italian Movies - February 8

Daniele  Gaglianone   has  won  the  34th 
edition  of the  Rotterdam  Festival with
the film "Nemmeno il destino". He was one 
of the winners of the 2005 Tiger Awards.

Italian News - February 6

Homosexuality  was put  forward  as  grounds 
for the appeal, drafted to obtain revocation 
of the  expulsion order issued  by the Turin 
police chief.

Italian News - February 6

A  recent  furor  over  Spanish  bishops 
approving the use of condoms highlighted 
a quiet  but intense  debate within  the 
Roman Catholic Church.

Italian News - February 5

When a  clothes company  tried  presenting a 
group of well-dressed women in a Last Supper 
style pose, their poster campaign was banned 
in Milan.

Italian News / Movies - February 5

The Silver Ribbons award ceremony in Rome 
was a  somewhat tense affair, with gaffes 
and problems  that at times  overshadowed 
the prize winners themselves.

Italian News - February 3

The Gemelli is a  1,800-bed teaching  hospital 
in the Rome suburb of  Pineta Sacchetti, where 
the Pope underwent emergency surgery after the 
assassination attempt.

Italian Wine - February 3

Barbera is one of  Piedmont's most 
widely planted grapes, and indeed, 
one of Italy's most widely planted 
red wine grapes.

Italian News - February 2

The veins  of Italy’s  parliamentarians 
contain traces of pesticides, including 
DDT, which has been banned for the last 
20 years. 

Italian News / Movies - February 2

The  festival  for amateur and semi 
professional filmmakers from the 25 
countries of the European Community 
is back for its seventh edition.

Italian Art - February 2

A $1 million  exhibition of  modern art staged 
at  the  Galleria  Accademia  in  Florence has 
left curators wishing they had gone for a more 
classical celebration of the masterpiece.

Italian News - February 1

A new  Italian space  probe may 
be able to predict earthquakes, 
giving   people  time  to  take 
preventive measures. 

Italian News - February 1

A study by the government has found that by 
2000 more than a  quarter of Italians, most 
of them men, were living with their parents 
until they were over 30.