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Italian News - February 8

Contrary to what many believe, coffee is not unhealthy and can actually help protect the liver from certain pathologies, scientists from the land of espresso claim. Researchers attending a recent meeting in Milan also said drinking a few cups of coffee a day can even reduce the occurrence of some kinds of tumors.

Pregnant women have no reason to be concerned as no relationship between coffee drinking and fetus underdevelopment or premature birth has been found. "All concerns about the negative effects of coffee have now been dispelled," said Amleto D'Amicis of Inran, a national research institute specialized in food and nutrition.

A five-year study on the effects of coffee on pregnancies involving about 3 000 mothers also found that a normal intake of coffee has no adverse effect on a fetus' development. According to D'Amicis, coffee is rich in antioxidant properties and acts as a mild stimulant. It can even help people lose weight.

Experts attending the "Coffee and Health" meeting in Milan, however, said the daily intake of coffee should not exceed five espressos.