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childhood friends

Italian News - December 5

An Italian mother who had a sex change has, in her new incarnation as a man, married a female childhood friend at a weekend ceremony witnessed by both their sets of children, reports said yesterday.

Elena Silla, a 32-year-old nurse now officially known as Christian, married 35-year-old journalist Algia Flati on Saturday. The pair met 20 years ago at school and later both went on to marry and have children.

Four years ago, Silla decided to become a man, taking the name Christian “at the suggestion of her 10-year-old daughter”. Soon afterwards she met Flati again, who was by then divorced with a son and daughter, now 18 and 10 respectively, and the pair became close.

All three children attended the wedding in the central city of Pescara. Silla’s daughter still calls her “Mummy”. "I am who I am, and I don’t want to hide anything from people anymore,” Silla told.