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Italian News - August 30

"Goodbye Ugo! You will always be with us". Then a few pics showing him near a river and on the house's terrace and three signatures: Andrea, Laura and Ilaria.

In this way a family in Liguria gave the last farewell to their beloved dog, a seven years old labrador killed in a car accident. They bought a page of the daily "Secolo XIX" (page 18 in the section diffused in Savona's province) to thank him for all the affection he gave.

Andrea and Laura Canepa are a young couple living in Vado Ligure, near Savona, and for the last seven years they shared every moment of their life with their dog, never leaving him even for a short holiday. Eight months ago their daughter Ilaria joined the family, and dear old Ugo immediately started acting very protectively with the little girl.