The Italian Almanac


Italian News - August 2

An attempt to set the new world record for the longest pizza will be made later this month here in Pesaro, a small city on the upper Adriatic coast. The plan is to make a 240-meter long 'Rossini pizza', a local speciality named after the composer, which will then be served on a long table set up along the central Viale della Repubblica.

A special oven is being developed for the project which can continuously bake the pizza on a drum so it can be rolled out once done. Timing will be of the essence because the 'Rossini pizza', which has hard-boiled eggs and mayonnaise among its ingredients, must remain crunchy.

The effort to enter the Guinness Book of Records has the backing of the municipal and provincial governments and local associations, which are co-sponsoring the operation together with a local company which makes pizza ovens.