The Italian Almanac

ciao, it's George

Italian News - August 6

Two drunk tourists evaded security at film star George Clooney's Italian villa by pressing the intercom and saying: "Ciao - it's George".

Tim Grobben, 31, and Ben Stinkens, 21, from Belgium, beat a bristling array of cameras and high walls the actor has installed at his lakeside home. The gate opened up in front of them and the pair wandered into the ornate gardens. The alarm was only raised when the housekeeper at the house at Laglio on Lake Como went to look for Clooney.

Yesterday their lawyer Davide Bartulli said: "My clients had enjoyed a hearty meal and several bottles of wine. They were on their way home and passed George Clooney's villa. They knew it was his as they had been told by several people he lives in Laglio. They pressed the intercom as a joke and said 'Ciao - it's George'. They were amazed when the gate slid open. It was like the story of Aladdin where he says 'Open sesame' to the cave door and it opens."

Police were called and the men were taken for questioning and released pending further inquiries.