The Italian Almanac

Salt Lake City

Italian News - April 5

A message of "peace, youth and the environment" started its four-month, 6,000-mile journey from Salt Lake City to Turin on Monday as the Italian city prepares to host the 2006 Winter Olympics.

The message - rolled into a container decorated with a peace symbol, leaf and stick figure - will be biked to New York, sailed across the Atlantic Ocean in a yacht, and biked and hiked from Belgium to Turin, where it will be delivered to Mayor Sergio Chiamparino at the end of July.

Lillehammer, Norway, started the tradition when it sent a message to Nagano, Japan, in 1997. In 2001, Nagano delivered one to Salt Lake City. As part of the tradition, the message cannot be sent using fossil fuels, though the delivery team will travel to Europe via airplane.

A video diary will be produced about the trip. And a Web site,, will track the journey.