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a kiss is just a kiss

Italian News - April 14

For Italian judges, if both spouses cheat the one who has an affair with a member of the same sex is the guilty one. In a case brought before the country's Cassation court, because of her relationship with another woman a wife in Sicily was faulted with the breakup of her marriage.

Judges deemed her affair with a daughter's former schoolmate as a deciding factor in the breakup of the home and harmful to her daughters. Husband Settimo, called only by his first name to protect privacy, will keep the family home and care for the daughters. His former wife of 21 years, Anna, was also ordered to pay 3,100 euro in court costs.

The recent sentence was brought an end to a dramatic eight-year-long case. Anna requested a divorce in 1997 on the grounds that her husband was known to all of Palermo as a very busy Latin lover. She requested custody, the family home and 2,000 euro a month in alimony. Settimo found out about Anna's gay relationship and had his daughters and a relative of Anna's testify in court about it. His wife, however, was not able to provide such convincing evidence of his numerous affairs. Judges, faced with proof of only her infidelity, sided with the husband.