The Italian Almanac

Television - November 15th

Aida Yespica, the popular Venezuelan model, has been nominated and cast away from the tv show "L'isola dei famosi" (Island of Famous People).

Quite surprisingly her island fiancee DJ Francesco, who was favored as a finalist, has been eliminated aswell. Italian audience is now waiting to see if their romance will last after the end of their exotic adventure or, as rumored by tabloids, if it was just a gimmick to get interest and popularity.

"L'isola dei famosi" is a tv show broadcast by Rai2, with the same format of "Survivors" but featuring famous people. The last show will be on air next Friday night and the three finalists are Indian actor Kabir Bedi, Italian soccer champion Toto' Schillaci and fashion model Sergio Munoz.

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