The Italian Almanac

December 2004

Italian News - December 31

Giovanni  Morsiani, president of the 
Italian  St. Bernard Club, announced 
the creation of the Fondazione Barry 
du Grand St Bernard.

Italian News - December 31

The first  "official  Angels and Demons
tour" is now showing visitors the Roman
sites used  by Dan Brown, author of The 
Da Vinci Code. 

Italian News - December 29

Gina Lollobrigida won her case 
against  the  gossip  magazine 
"Novella 2000" and  the  court 
declared she never posed naked.

Italian Music - December 28

After 20  years  Ornella  Vanoni and Gino 
Paoli  decided  to  join again  for a new 
musical tour, starting next February from 
Teatro Sistina in Rome.

Italian News - December 27

Bad  weather all over Italy, and 
a critical situation in Campania, 
with rain and wind storms but no 
victims announced so far.

Italian Movies - December 27

In the  annual  contest  between  Christmas 
movies "Shrek II" is leading the box office, 
followed by "Christmas in Love"  and "Tu la 
conosci Claudia?"

Italian News / Cinema December 26

"Roberto Benigni  reminds me  of  my  father, 
and I'm sure he would have liked his movies". 
That's what Geraldine Chaplin said during an 
interview in Capri.

Italian Television - December 21

"Maurizio Costanzo Show", the popular 
talk show now  on air  every night on 
Canale 5 (Channel 5), is coming to an 

Italian News - December 21

A  "carabiniere"  noticed  an  old  man 
stealing a bike in Monza, an industrial 
town  in  north  Italy. A  control  was 
subsequently disposed and ...

Italian Movies - December 18

Marco Bellocchio is ready to shoot a new
movie  titled  "Il regista di matrimoni" 
and featuring  Sergio Castellito, in the
little village of Cefalu'.

Italian News - December 13

A ski  village, including  ski  runs
and a little mountain range has been
set in the middle of Rome for a show 
titled "Rome, Queen of Snow".

Italian News - December 10

Criminal  offenses in  Italy grew  a  full
10% during year 2003, but Italian families
spent  an  average $700  in  locks, safety 
doors and security systems.

Birthday in Italy (and China) - December 9

After  official celebration  in Shanghai,
a birthday cake was waiting for Mr. Carlo
Azeglio Ciampi, President  of the Italian
Republic, in the presidential airplane.

Italian Television - December 8

Michelle  Hunziker  will  lead 
the program "Paperissima" (Big
Blunder)  on  Channel  5 every 
Friday night.

Italian Movies - December 7

Famous  actor  Giancarlo 
Giannini   will    start 
shooting a comedy movie, 
titled "Dubbing De Niro".

Italian News december 5

Italian police  had a hard time trying 
to stop a  drunk  man who  drove  from 
Frosinone to Cassino on the wrong side 
of A1 highway.

Italian Sport - December 3

The Italian  Federation of  Martial Arts 
decided to accept capoeira, a discipline 
now very popular in Italian gymns, as an 
acknowledged sport activity

Italian News - December 3

An  unknown  script  by   Federico 
Fellini has been found in Florence
and  published  by  the   literary 
magazine "Caffe' Michelagiolo".

Italian News - December 1

60% of  Italians  think alternative 
medicinal drugs  are effective, and 
45% say they  should be included in 
National Health Service payments.