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The American Association of Teachers of Italian Was founded in 1924 to promote the study of Italian language, literature, and culture in schools, colleges and universities in North America. It has approximately 1500 members worldwide.
The Association publishes the quarterly journal, Italica, and a twice-yearly Newsletter. It sponsors seminars and workshops in the broad area of Italian studies and holds annual meetings, usually in conjunction with ACTFL but also in Italy. AATI is dedicated to excellence in teaching and research in all areas of Italian studies.

Alternative Italian Dictionary
Slang, profanities, insults and vulgarisms
This could be very useful, if you don't find the word in your home dictionary

American-Italian Heritage Association
The AIHA was established in 1979 by Professor/Cavalliere Philip J. DiNovo in Morrisville, New York. A non-profit organization with over 1,575 members in 47 states and in Italy.

Amico - American Italians Communications

Angeleri Photo Studio
Industrial and advertising photographer with studio in Alessandria, Italy, since 1977.

Angelica's Italian Art Studio
Artwork by Angelica Di Chiara-Hardin.
Angelica is a Professional Artist who sells her Artwork in Galleries, Shows, and through private Commissions. Her work includes Acrylic and Oil Paintings on Canvas, Original Digital Art, and Color Pencils.

Augustus Society
The Augustus Society is a nonprofit organization of Las Vegas professional men and women of Italian American heritage, dedicated to improving the education, well-being, and positive image of Italian Americans

Capucina's Italian-American Connections

The Cultural Italian American Organization {C.I.A.O.} is a group at the University of Michigan that brings together people from the campus as well as surrounding communities interested in the Italian culture.

Co.As.It., the Italian Association of Assistance, was first established in NSW in 1968, under the auspice of the Italian Government.

Fieri is an international organization of students and young professionals between the ages of 18 and 39.

Francesca's Garden
Francesca finds herself and her true passion in her Italian family and roots while backpacking across Europe. Her life love and now her passion is exploring European life and its wonderful people.

Gaetano Online
Italian Genealogy Resources

In Italy Online
On the web since 1993, In Italy Online is the one-stop site for travelers to Italy. We offer unique historical lodgings, private villas, day trips and tours for individuals, museum reservations, culinary experiences and over 4000 pages of helpful information about places to see and things to do in Italy.

Italian American Heritage Foundation
According to available information, the Italian American Heritage Foundation is the largest and oldest Italian Cultural Center on the West Coast.

Italian-American Heritage Month Committee
Promotes events and activities throughout the month of October, acting as a clearinghouse of information about Italy, and the contributions of Italians and Italian Americans.

Italian American Museum
The Italian American Museum is a cultural and educational institution promoting constructive pluralism by educating Americans to the heritage of Italian Americans and their European roots, values, language, and traditions.
The Italian American Museum sponsors exhibitions, festivals, lectures, symposia and educational travel programs to Europe with a focus on Italy and its contributions to the world, as well as house precious collections of objects and memorabilia on the Italian American experience.

Preserving the rich Italian culture, heritage, and traditions that have been passed down to us from our parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents.
With many interesting sections, from "bocce" to a huge selection of Italian links.

A jumpsite for all things Italian.

Italian Community Center of San Diego

Italian Community of Akron - ''Le Radici'
The Italian Community of Akron (Ohio) Inc. 'le Radici' wants to reach the entire Italian-American community and all those who love Italy.
The main objective of this association is to organize and promote activities with the purpose of introducing to the Italian community the different facets of the Italian culture.

Italian Electronic Classroom
The Italian Electronic Classroom is a project of Centro Studi Italiani, aimed at providing free on-line, useful information on difficult aspects of the Italian language to students, teachers, translators, writers.

Italian Genealogy
Genealogy forms part of the framework of general history. The best genealogist is a competent historian, but also a good detective.

Italian Heritage Ancoats
The Association has been established to enhance the close relations which have existed between Italy and the United Kingdom through the ages.

Italian Heritage and Culture Month
New York's Italian Heritage and Culture Month Committee has for more than a quarter century organized special events, concerts, exhibits, lectures, to celebrate Italian culture in New York, the largest Italian city outside Italy. Each year focuses on specific theme representative of the history and culture of Italy and Italian Americans.

Italian Heritage Center
The Italian Heritage Center was established in 1953 to preserve the Italian heritage and way of life.

Italian Heritage Society of Indiana
The Italian Heritage Society of Indiana is a non-profit organization.

Italian Heritage Society of Michigan
The Italian Heritage Society is an outgrowth of the Italian Heritage Room located at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan.

Italian Historical Society of America
To help perpetuate the names of those of Italian heritage who have contributed to the advancement of mankind and inspired others.

Italian History Index
The Italian History Index is made of different pages which are always under construction. You will find here Virtual Resources produced in Italy together with other world-wide Resources that deal with the history of Italy. The Index has and editorial board to select the "Best of the Italian History Index" and specific maintainers.

Your guide to Italy & Italian Culture on the Web. Enjoy as you learn more about the traditions, heritage and way of life that make Italians who they are.

Italian In Utah
Promotes and preserves the awareness of Italian-American involvement in shaping the past, present and future, of the regionís historical background.
The Italian Center is located in Salt Lake City across the street from Pioneer Park, which was historically an area considered "Little Italy" by the Italian immigrants between the 1890s and1920s.
Little Italy, once again is being transformed, as a area with Italian influence. A place where the Italian Center can preserve and share its rich cultural heritage.

Italian Sites
Italian Websites that offer Service in English.

Italian Studies at Brown University
Italian Studies at Brown not only teaches language and literature to students but guides their research toward problems that are cross-disciplinary in both content and method, rather than merely confirming a fixed canon or predetermined field of study.

Italian Studies Web - "forse non bellissima"
The Italian Studies Web is designed to provide access to scholarly resources in Italian Studies. They do not strive for exhaustiveness but rather for quality.
The resources organized here have undergone a selection and evaluation process. If needed, annotations have been provided augmenting the research value of these resources to scholars.

ItaliaSeattle is a registered non-profit corporation with the goal of providing a forum for gathering and disseminating information and news by, among, for and about persons of Italian heritage living in Seattle and to offer, promote, sponsor and facilitate socializing and networking opportunities for members of the Italian community in Seattle.

Italia Unita
Italia Unita, Inc. is a non-profit organization founded in 1995 in East Boston, Massachusetts. Italia Unita promotes Italian culture and the preservation of Italian heritage.

Italy at St. Louis

Languages online - Italian
"Watch! Bow, wow!!!" barked the first mouse. Peering through their hole in the wall, they saw Cat running away in fear.
"Ah, see the benefit of knowing another language!"

Let's Roam Italy
A Cybertrip to the home of Julius Ceaser, Leonardo DaVinci and Ice Cream.

L'Unione Italiana - The Italian Club of Tampa
The mission of LíUnione Italiana is to preserve and honor the culture, traditions and heritage of the Italian Community and to maintain the historical facility as a functioning memorial to the working class immigrants.

Meri's Italian Folksinging Page
Traditional Italian Music.

Musica mia
A guide to Italian music. Here you'll find italian cds, music imports from Italy, italian opera, italian-american singers, italian singers, italian jazz, italian soundtracks, italian radio stations and links to Italy's most popular music websites.

National Italian American Foundation
The National Italian American Foundation (NIAF) is the major advocate in Washington, DC for nearly 25 million Italian Americans, the nation's fifth largest ethnic group. Its mission is to preserve and protect Italian American heritage and culture.

NOI - New Organization of Italians
Our goal is to connect the future generations of Italians in America with Italy of today. We plan to achieve this goal through language, cuisine, music, art, business and by building a bridge with the other generations of Italians in America.

NYPD Columbia Association
A fraternal organization of Italian-American police officers of the New York City Police Department.

Order Sons of Italy in America (OSIA)
Established in 1905 as a mutual aid society for the early Italian immigrants, today OSIA has more than 600,000 members and supporters and a network of more than 700 chapters coast to coast, making it the leading service and advocacy organization for the nation's estimated 26 million people of Italian descent.

Pursuing Italian Names Together

Scuola Leonardo da Vinci
A page where you can test your Italian.
Founded in 1977, the school has years of experience and specialise in teaching Italian in Italy.

Sophia Loren FanSite
A website all about Sophia Loren

The History of Italy
Since earliest times Italy has been impacted by cultural and political divisions resulting from the country's contrasting geography and by circumstances that made Italy the theatre of many important struggles over power in Europe.

The University of Manchester - Italian Forum
Founded in 2003 and based at The University of Manchester, the Forum is a grouping of international scholars specialised in the arts, architecture and archaeology of Italy.

The West Virginia Italian Heritage Festival
The West Virginia Italian Heritage Festival has had its offices housed in many locations throughout Clarksburg since its inception in 1979.

Tour Italy
Access Italy provides private and exclusive tours throughout Italy.

This web site is dedicated to the Italian culture and Italian people anywhere in the world and hopes to offer you plenty of information as well as lots of fun.

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