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Trash App

Researchers in the northern city of Trento have developed a smartphone application to try to improve local trash disposal. The app allows residents to upload a photo of rubbish that needs to be picked up, and municipal workers respond with suggestions on how best to handle the waste. The system, developed by researchers at the Fondazione Bruno Kessler, is currently being tested by students at area vocational schools.

Trash disposal has become an enormous issue worldwide, and several Italian cities have made headlines for collection and disposal problems. For example, earlier this year the European Union warned it would refer Italy to the European Court of Justice for failing to resolve the trash situation in the central region of Lazio, where the capital city of Rome is based.

The correct rubbish treatment procedures were not implemented in landfills in Malagrotta and elsewhere in Lazio, according to the EU. Last fall, rubbish started piling up in Rome's streets in a crisis reminiscent of the problems Naples has had in recent years due to lack of landfill areas.