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Oscar Award

To Italy

Francesca Lo Schiavo devoted her third Oscar "to Italy" after winning the Best Art Direction Academy Award with her husband Dante Ferretti for their work on Martin Scorsese's Hugo. "This is for Italy," Lo Schiavo said in her speech to accept the award for the duo's contribution to Scorsese's 3D picture about an orphan boy who loves working with clocks.

It is Lo Schiavo and Ferretti's third Oscar after they won in 2005 for The Aviator, another Scorsese movie, and three years later for Tim Burton's Sweeney Todd. "I'm Italian, Italy is the country I belong to, where I grew up, so it was natural for me to thank and salute my homeland once I was on the stage as well as Martin (Scorsese)," Lo Schiavo said when asked about the dedication.

"The most beautiful of the three Oscars in undoubtedly that last one. Actually, no it's not. It's the fourth one, the one that hasn't come yet".