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Tarots at an Exhibition

The Ethnographic Museum “C'era Una Volta” (Once Upon a time) in Alessandria opened a photographic exhibit titled “22 Photographers in 22 Trionfi Cards”, with 22 artists showing their freely expressed vision and interpretation of a trionfi tarot card .

Each artist was inspired by the arcane appeal and glamour of a major trionfi. They then photographically expressed their inspiration to show a unique, modern vision of this ancient and renowned set of divination cards.

The exhibit is the final exposition of the artistic project conceived by photographer Chiara Galliano, in collaboration with well known Milan painter and publisher Osvaldo Menegazzi. The union of different artists and photographers creates a unique and original collection. The individuality of the artists' visions adds a fresh allure to the ancient tarot cards set, used by practitioners of the arcane arts since the XV century.

The photo exhibit now shown in Alessandria will soon travel to other Italian and foreign towns.