The Italian Almanac

Liam Corcoran

Young Stowaway

This time, the parents were left home alone in Manchester after their 11-year-old son sneaked onto a plane to run away to Rome. In a reversal of the hit Hollywood film Home Alone about a boy left behind when his family takes a trip, Liam Corcoran manged to get through airport security checks at Manchester Airport and board a flight to Rome without an airline ticket. When his parents discovered the boy was missing, they called police.

Liam, his freckled face topped with shaggy red hair, wore his favourite Spider Man t-shirt, dress pants, and flip flops on his feet as he mingled with a group of Italian-bound students at the airport. They provided him the cover he needed to sneak aboard the Manchester-Rome flight. Enroute, the boy became airsick, finally catching the attention of a flight attendant who then asked to see his ticket.

When Liam confessed that he was running away from home and wanted to see Rome, the pilot contacted authorities at Rome's Leonardo da Vinci airport, who greeted the boy when he landed. In the evening, he was flown back to his anxious parents in Manchester.

Both Manchester airport staff and have launched investigations into how Liam eluded their checks.