The Italian Almanac

a view of Bologna

Smartest City in Italy

A survey rated the Emilia-Romagna city Bologna as the "smartest in Italy". The City rating conducted by thinktank Forum Pa in preparation for the kick-off of the Smart City Exhibition 2012 said that out of the 103 province capitals, Bologna excelled in over 100 intelligence indicators.

Factors used to measure the cities' smarts included city governance, the economy, mobility, the environment, social capital and quality of life. Smart cities are those that respond to the needs of the citizens, are "more inclusive and more liveable," said the survey. Parma and Trento ranked directly below Bologna, as did Florence, Milan, Ravenna, Genoa, Reggio-Emilia, Venice and Pisa, all in the top ten.

Italy's southern cities ranked low on the list, the highest being the Puglia city of Lecce at 54 and Basilicata town of Matera in 58th place. Landing at the bottom of the rating were Caltanissetta and Enna in Sicily and Crotone in Calabria.

"The ranking should not be seen as the final destination, but a point of departure," giving cities something to work towards, researcher Gianni Dominici, general manager of Forum Pa said.