The Italian Almanac


The Pizza Business

The pizza business worldwide is estimated to be worth some 62 billion euros, the Italian Federation of Public Commerce (Fipe) said. In Italy alone there are some 42,000 sit-down pizzerias and 21,000 take-away pizza places. Pizza joints also provide employment for approximately 100,000 workers, 65,000 of whom are Italians, 20,000 Egyptians, 10,000 Moroccans and 5,000 from Eastern Europe, Asia and other countries.

Weekly in Italy some 56,000 people eat pizza while 3 billion pizzas are consumed yearly. Pizza remains a cheap choice with the average slice costing 2.88 euros and sit-down pizza served on a plate running between 5.90 and 6.50 euros. Prices vary city to city with the most expensive found in the northern city of Milan and the least costly offered in the southern city of Reggio Calabria.