The Italian Almanac

Daniele Lo Presti

Death of a Paparazzo

Italian celebrity and VIP photographer Daniele Lo Presti, who was found dead, was killed by a gun shot to the head and not after a fall, as was originally believed.

Lo Presti, 42, was murdered as he was jogging along the bicycle lane on the Testaccio bridge in Rome. A bullet was found lodged in his skull during an autopsy.

Police were alerted to Lo Presti's death by a passerby who found the paparazzo's body in a pool of blood under the bridge. The celebrity photographer, who worked frequently abroad, had already been the subject of threats in the past, including once when his car was set on fire.

Lo Presti, who worked for the La Presse photo agency, was a person "who annoyed others due to the work he did," a friend of his said. His most recent scoop, according to the friend, was pictures of singer Rihanna in Capri. "But he also worked extensively overseas, where, for example, he had taken pictures of Brad Pitt with an alleged lover," the friend added.