The Italian Almanac


Italian Life

Last Added

It's OK to be Gay

Sanremo Music Festival

Possession of Soft Drugs

Tarots at an Exhibition

Digital Embarrassment

Super Pope

Battered Italy

The Great Beauty

A Disgusted Singer

A New Record

A New Star

The Italian Pavillon

Please Retire

Romantic Garden

Top Market

Robotic Hand

Cleopatra in Rome

Armin the Cannibal

No Funeral

Totti and Roma Forever


Rare Statues

Riding the Bus

Moon Walking (on Water)

The New Ambassador

The Pigafetta Project

Senators for Life

The Pizza Business

Moka Express

Magnetic Fields Forever

Golden Hero

The Marksman

Take a Walk

Puppy Theray

Pageant Furor

Famed Collection

White Donkeys

Do Androids Ride Electric Bikes?

Mr. Volare

Fraudulent Cheese

Valentina and the Art of Crepax

Everyone Loves Salami

Death of a Playboy


Back to Pianosa

Trash App

Blue Flag

The Machine- Gun Soloist

Hacker Attack

Gritter and Tougher

Space Walk

Global Imagination

Massimo Catalano

A Sparkling Summer

Red Arrow


It's for You

Job Burglaring

Hail to the Chief

A New Face

An Old Rule

You Are Being Watched

Flip - flopping Neutrinos


The Sexy Castle

Happy New Year (Again)

Stolen Crucifix


Damiano Damiani

Pink Flight

The Unfurred Pope

What a Mess

Death of a Paparazzo

Walking on Sunshine

Unnatural Relations

A New Record

Italy in Japan

A Passion for Duets

Ready to Marry

Neglected Donkeys

No Money No Party

Dogs in Need

Back to Politics

Permanent Museum of Environmental Crime

Goodbye Mariangela

Maccaroni Western

Rita Levi Montalcini

Leftover Bomb

The Ghost of Count Cagliostro

Vampires at an Exhibition

Watching the Watchers

The New Councillor

Happy Birthday

Smartest City in Italy

A Seasoned Runner

Free Meal at Mc Donald

Fiorenzo Magni

Vintage Design

Italian Food Reinvented

The Iguana in the Box

Spanish Ship

Tax Free

Anti-Recession Chickens

The Vampire Premier

Late Season

Tree Houses in Trentino

Trap the Panther

Digital Inequality

A Big Nazi Plane


Project Sydney

No Woman No Crime

Apples for Pies

A Rainbow of Pigeons

Gold for Phones

Most Beautiful Daddy

Out to Lunch

The Best Madonnara

Too Hot to Stay Home

Young Stowaway

Rescued Beagles

From Fifth Tier to Wall Street


Expensive Fuel


Quitting Soon

Sex and the Poet

The Cutting Edge

Rocket Woman


Sergio Pininfarina

Fake Truffles

Flag Carrier

Still Looking for Mona Lisa

Marriage with Benefits

Tornado in Venice

Miss Italy in the World

Library Renamed

Shape Shifting

So We don't Forget

The Prisoner

The Joy of Biking

Foreign Team Wanted


Memory Drive


Old Faithful

Stone Twins

Outstanding Achievement

Quirky Museums


Miriam Mafai

The Boarding Dog

Centurions and Gladiators

The Walking Mountain

Tonino Guerra

Still Sinking

Working for the Navy


Cyber Attack

Da Vinci's Secret

Fastest Road Car

Soccer Fever


The Sexy Bartender

Bad Temper

To Italy

Fake Bonds

But I Feel Good



Useless and Senseless

A Message from Del Piero

Bared to Fight

New and Ugly

Drones in Sicily

A Drop in Libido

The Yummy Exposition

The Spiritual Connection

Moretti at Cannes

Russian Church in Bari

Sofri is Free

No Moral Damages

The Monster in the Library

Da Vinci's Handbag