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out to lunch

Out to Lunch

Honoring a well-established summer tradition, a group of 100 homeless people will be treated to a deluxe lunch at a leading restaurant with five-star service. The lunch, organized by the City Angels, a vigilante-charity which seeks to help the city's street people, will be held in the restaurant of the Principe di Savoia Hotel, which has hosted, among its VIP guests, the Dalai Lama and pop star Madonna.

The waiters will also be very special. Serving the tables, among other leading Milanese figures, will be Michela Vittoria Brambilla, tourism minister in the previous Italian government of Silvio Berlusoni, Monsignor Franco Buzzi, the prefect of the Biblioteca Ambrosiana, Davide Piccardo, the president of the Islamic communities organizing committee and Ugo Cennamo, editor of daily Il Giorno.

A look at the menu is enough to make anyone's mouth water, with plates like penne with pachino tomatoes, zucchini and basil and oven-baked veal with thyme. However, the lunch will be alcohol-free, just to make sure nobody gets carried away with the festivities.For the organizers, the point of the event is to raise awareness of the difficulties facing homeless people in Milan especially during the month of August, when many shelters and services are closed.