The Italian Almanac


Library Renamed

Tensions flared outside Bergamo when the name of a library was changed from that of a slain anti-mafia crusader to that of a deceased local priest. The library in the northern town of Ponteranica had been named after Peppino Impastato, who was killed for denouncing a powerful and murderous Sicilian clan boss, Tano Badalamenti. The story was turned into a well-received book and film, I Cento Passi (The 100 Steps).

Ponteranica Mayor Cristiano Aldegani of the regionalist Northern League party was met with insults at the ceremony to change the library name to honor Father Giancarlo Baggi, a local scholar and writer who died in 2000. "Mafioso, you're not my mayor," shouted protestors, who carried a banner that read "Impastato dies again, the mafia thanks you".

Giovanni Impastato, brother of the anti-mafia martyr, told demonstrators over the telephone and through a loudspeaker that Aldegani should resign. His administration argues that the library should be named after a local figure.